iPad giveway ends in :


How do you join?

We really tried to make it simple for you, the only thing you need to do is to watch some awesome entertainment in the form of Gambleheads livestream on twitch!

Is that all?

Almost, the way it works is, 
when you watch the gamblehead stream 

you redeem points in the following ways:

Redeem 2 points every 10 minutes you have watched our show!
Redeem 50 points for slapping the follow button!
Redeem 12 points for hosting our show on your channel!
Redeem 10 points every €1 you give us a supporting tip!

With these bankerpoints you will be able to redeem 
tickets to win the giveaway! Each tickets cost 25 bankerpoints!

Earn your winning chance by buying up to 20 ticekts
to the giveaway! Fellow Gambleheads let the fun begin,
and “may the odds be forever in your favor!”